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Introduction - Raisson D'etre

One of the advantages of working for a truly multi-national company in global backwater like Australia is that it opens up opportunities to travel to foreign places at a frequency one might not otherwise do under their own resources. In late 2003 I found myself benefiting from the global economy in precisely this way – I was to undertake my third overseas trip within twelve months! Initially I was to be away for only one week but by a strange stroke of luck the two courses I was to attend were separated into different weeks. Did my approval to travel still stand? You bet it did! Now I was faced with the prospect of some time off whilst in central France – what to do, what to do? Free time, like technology, has equal capacity for good or evil depending on how it is used. This is Patrick’s First Law (with a sideways glance to a frowning Barry Jones). Judge for yourself the result of my free time…

This is a journal of my whole trip but it concentrates mostly on the short visit to the Central Massif village of Langogne. The rest of the diary explains how I came to be there and what I was doing in the days before and after the trek.

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